Article & dept profile

Total Bed Strength – 50 (Ward 25 + Day care 25)

  1. Total No. of Doctors- 13 (Radiation Oncology – 4, Medical oncology – 1, Pathologist – 1, Radiologist – 1, MO – 5).
  2. Medical Physicist – 2, Radiotherapy Technologist- 6 (Contract – 2), X-Ray Technician- 3.
  3. CT Scan T echnician – 1, Lab Technician- 3 (1 contract), Lab Attendant- 2, Pharmacist – 2.
  4. Nursing Superintendent – 1, Ward Superintendant – 4, Staff Nurse -22.
  5. Establishment Staff UDC – 1, LDC -2, DEO -3, Despatch Rider – 1.
  6. Driver – 5, IV Grade – 20 (2 MR), Vehicles – 5, MRT – 1.



  1. Doctor – 4, Medical Phycist – 2, Radiotherapy Technologist- 6, Receptionist – 1.


  1. Radio Dept: Doctor – 1, Technician – 3.
  2. General store: Pharmacist – 1, IV Grade – 1.
  3. Laboratory: Doctor – 1, Lab Technician – 2, Lab Attendant – 2.
  4. Blood Storage Unit: Doctor – 1, Technician – 1.
  5. Palliative Room: Palliative Staff – 6, IV Grade – 1.
  6. RSBY: Pharmacist – 1, DEO – 1, IV-Grade – 1.
  7. HBCR: DEO – 1, Statistician – 1, Social Worker – 3.
  8. Cash counter –
  9. Medical Record Technician –
  10. Reception Counter –


  1. Nursing superintendent – 1, Ward Superintendent – 4, Staff Nurse – 22.

Regional Cancer Centre hi February, 1998 ah Civil Hospital, Aizawl ah Unit hran neiin chemotherapy khum pakhat atanga tannin khai tan a ni a, Union Health Minister Dr. C. Silvera’n Cobalt – 60 (Theratron 780c) Mizoram tan a min pek chu 1996 khan Zemabawkah Cobalt Machine chu Installed a ni a, 4th February, 1998 ah Pu Haukhuma Hauzel, Health Commissioner chuan Cobalt Therapy, Zemabawk ami chu hawngin Radiation pawh Zemabaw lamah hian hetih lai hian kal pui mek zel a ni a. 1997 – 1998 chhung hian Prof. Dr. HM Pathak chu Mizoram sawrkar in Radiotherapistr turin a ruai a, 1997 – 1999 chhung hian Mr. Arun K. Sharma, Medical Physicist, chu Mizoram sorkar in a ruai bawk a ni. Malsawmkima Pachuau, Radiotherapy Technologist chuan August, 1998 hian Colbat Therapy, Zemabawkah hian a hna rawn zawmin Colbat Therapy ah hian Regular staff hmasa ber a ni. 3rd January, 1998-ah Dr. PC. Lalramenga, Dr. R. Zodingliana, James Lalrema, X-Ray Technician, R. Lawmsangi Staff Nurse, Laltlanengi Staff Nurse te chu B.Barooh cancer Institute (BBCI) Guwahati ah Cancer Care zir tura tirh an ni a. Kum 1999 khan Dr. Zoramthanga, MD chu Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai ah Onco- Medicine Thla 6 chhung zir tura tirh a ni a, ani hian Colbat Therapy Unit ah Cancer Consultant niin kum 2005 thleng a enkawl a ni. Hemihnu hian cancer Specialist zir chhuak an lo awm tak nual avangin heng Cancer Specialist te hian enkawl chhunzawm chho in Staff Nurse lamah pawh Laltlanengi chu Diploma in Oncology Nursing Tata Memorial Hospital ah zir turin kum 2000 khan tirh a ni a, Sailotluangi Sailo leh Lalmalsawmi te chu BBCI, Guwahati ah 2001 khan Service Training tura tirh an ni a, AIIMS, New Delhi ah kum 2002 khan R. Lawmsangi Staff Nurse leh Laltlanengi Staff Nurse te chu Oncology Nursing zir tura tirh an ni bawk a ni.

Regional Cancer Centre hi Zemabawkah Chemotherapy lakna tur building sak niin, 19th August, 2010 khan Hon’ble Chief Minister Pu Lal Thanhawla chuan hawnna a nei a, September, 2010 ah Civil Hospital, AIzawl atanga insawn pheiin Day Care Chemotherapy chu Khum 5 awm atan a ni a, hemi hnu hian May 10, 2012 ah Indoor Ward Khum 10 leh Day Care Chemotherapy Khum 10 awm belh leh in chhunzawm chhoh a ni ta zel a ni.

TB Hospital chu Falkawnah sawn anih tak avangin TB Hospitla building chu Renovation te zawh a nih hnuah ward khum 50 aw theihna turin November 15, 2012 khan insawn phei leh a ni a, Radiation Building ah Day Care Chemotherapy Khum 15 a awm bawk a ni.

Tichuan, Cancer Hospital chu 100 bedded a sak tur anih avangin thiah a ni a. Date 15.11.2016 khan Cancer Society of Mizoram  Building chu ward atan khum 25 awm in  luah hawh a ni.

Govt. Notification No. G.17012/1/2010-F. Est of 28th July, 2011 angin Schedule – II of the Delegation of Financial Power Rules. 1978 a hlan kai a ni a, Govt. Notification No. J.11011/5/2011 – HFW of 23rd Aug, 2011 angin REGIONAL CANCER CENTRE (RCC) tih chu MIZORAM STATE CANCER INSTITUTE a hming thlak a ni. August 10, 2012 ah DDO hran neiin bul tan a ni a, June 18, 2011 ah Dr. Jeremy L. Pautu, MD,DM, chu Mizoram State Cancer Institute Director hmasa ber atan ruat a ni. Heng a hnuaia mite hi Mizoram State Cancer Institute, Director lo ni tawh te an ni. NAME PERIOD
1 Dr. Jeremy L. Pautu, MD, DM (AIIMS) 28.06.2011 – 22.04.2013
2 Dr. K. Lalbiakzuala, MS (PGI) 23.04.2013 – 25.04.2014
3 Dr. Lalsiampara, MS, ENT (PGI) 26.04.2014 – 31.05.2015
4 Dr. Thangchungnunga, MS, Ortho (PGI) 01.06.2015 – 28.02.2017
5 Dr. Zoramthanga, MD, Medicine (AIIMS) 01.03.2017 – Till date


Biomedical Waste Management: Mizoram State Cancer Institute received authorization for generation, collection, receiption, storage, treatment and disposal of biomedical waste in the premises of Zemabawk and Falkawn in March, 2015 from Mizoram Population Control Board, Aizawl. Biomedical waste Management committee was formed in 18th September, 2014. The Committee consists of 14 member of 12 (twelve) hospital personnel with Dr. Lalhlupuii, Radiation Oncologist appointed as the over-all in-charge of the Hospital Waste Management. Till date the committee has conducted 4 (four) trainings on BMW management. 28 (Twenty EIght) personnel have been trained so far. The Committee has a meeting once in every three months on a regular basis with and occasional emergency meeting when situation demands. MSCI has the following BMW facililties:

  1. Chemical Disinfection Room – 1.
  2. Sharp pit – 1.
  3. Deep Burial Pit – 1.
  4. Temporary Storage Room – 1.
  5. Needle Destroyer – 6.

We do not have an incinerator; we share facility available at Falkawn Referral Hospital. We do not have a separate vehicle for transportation of BMW. We either share vehicle provided by Civil Hospital, Aizawl or hire from a private sector.

BMW Management Rules 2016 is practiced as far as possible in the Hospital premises,

Solid waste: Is segregated, mutilated, weighted, disinfection with 10{3c85c133b9d9d25c717ed003dafd7b8f4fec4d479ba3320f28db961a6b2991bd} Sodium hypochloride / 10{3c85c133b9d9d25c717ed003dafd7b8f4fec4d479ba3320f28db961a6b2991bd} Bleaching Powder and disposed in non-chlorinated biodegradable bags.

Sharps (White): Like broken ampoules, needles etc. are disinfected and disposed in a Sharp Pit.

Discarded Medicines and Used Vials (Blue): Are incinerated.

Anatomical Waste (Yellow): Is either buried in a Deep Burial Pit or incinerated at Falkawn Hospital.

General Waste (Green): Is dumped in Municipal Dumping Ground.

Liquid Waste Disposal: Since are Hospital building is presently under construction, we do not have a proper Effluent Treatment Plant. Liquid waste generated in the ward and OT are collected in a Tanky, filtrated, Chlorinated overnight and disposed after 24 hours of treatment. Liquid waste generated in the Laboratory and Blood Storage Unit is disinfected at point source. Liquid waste sent to Microbiology Laboratory for bacteria analysis return sterile.


Mizoram State Cancer Institute hian Zemabawk leh Falkawn inkara bawlhhlawh paih leh sawngbawl phalna (Authorization) March 2015 ah Mizoram Pollution Control Board, Aizaw;l atangin kan dawng a, BMW Management committee 18th September, 2014 ah din a ni tawh a.

He committee ah hian Hospital mi leh sa sawm pahnih (12) kan tel a, Dr. Lalhlupuii, Radiation Oncologist chu a hotu a ruat a ni. Vawiin thlengin BMW Committtee hian bawlhhlawh sawngbawl dan training vawi 4 a buatsaih tawh a, mi 28 kan zirtir chhuak tawh a ni. Thla 3 kan meeting a atul angin emergency a inkohkhawm pawh kan nei bawk.

MSCI in bawlhhlawh sawngbawlna hmanrua a neih te chu.

  1. Bawlhhlawh chiah thianghlimna room -1.
  2. Hriam paihna khur – 1.
  3. Bawlhhlawh phumna khur – 1.
  4. Bawlhhlawh paih tur dahkhawmna room -1
  5. Needle tihchhiatna -6

MSCI ah hian incinerator kan neilo a, Falkawn Referral Hospital ta kan tawm a ni.

MSCI hian bawlhhlawh paihna tur bik motor a neihloh avangin Civil Hospital, AIzawl ta kan tawm loh leh Private motor man chawiin kan hmang thin. BMW management rules 2016 hi a theih angin Hospital chhungah zawm a ni.

Solid Waste (Asen) Kan thliar hranga kan tichhia a, kan buk a 10{3c85c133b9d9d25c717ed003dafd7b8f4fec4d479ba3320f28db961a6b2991bd} Sodium hypochloride 10{3c85c133b9d9d25c717ed003dafd7b8f4fec4d479ba3320f28db961a6b2991bd} bleeching powder a kan chiah thinghlim hnuah a paihna tur bik bag ah kan paih. Sharp (A var) Ampoule keh, hriam,etc. chiah thianghlim hnuah a khurah paih a ni.

Discarded medicines and used vials (A pawl): Incinerator ah hal a ni.

Anatomical Waste (A eng): Phum emaw incinerate thin a ni.

General Waste (A hring):  AMC Bawlhhlawh paihna ah paih thin a ni.

Liquid Waste (Tui chhia):  Kan Hospital sak lai mek anih avangin Effluent treatment Plan kan nei lova. Ward leh O.T atanga tui chhia chu Tanky ah kan dahkhawm a, Chloride in zankhua in kan chiah a darker 24 hnuah kan paih thin. Laboratory leh Blood storage unit a tuichhia chu a hmunah chiah thinghlim nghl a ni. Tuichhia exam tura Microbiology Laboratory a kan thawn chu a report a tha tawk a ni.

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    Total Bed Strength; Total No. of Doctors; Medical Physicist; CT Scan Technician; Nursing Superintendent; Establishment Staff UDC; Driver; Different Department etc..


    Mipui nawlpui chuan Cancer natna hi kan hre fur in a rinawm, chutih laiin a enkawl dan hi kan hriat tel a pawimawh ang. Cancer hi natna chikhat, hmuhchhuah hma a; enkawlna dik pek chuan dam thei a ni. Cancer enkawlna hi hlawm lian pui pui pathumah a then theih ang, chung te chu: Surgery