• Cancer (English)

    Cancer is a class of diseases characterized by uncontrolled and abnormal cell division and the ability of these cells to invade or spread to other tissues either by direct growth into adjacent tissue or by migration of cells to distant sites (metastasis).

  • Hospital blood transfusion support facilities

    The Blood Storage Centre was established in 2012 at the Mizoram State Cancer Institute (MSCI) Hospital, due to increasing demands for emergancy Blood Transfusion. It run and managed by Medical Officer (MO) and a Technician.

  • Palliative Care (English)

    Palliative Care in Mizoram operate as a part of Mizoram State Cancer Institute (MSCI). MSCI is one of India’s recognized Cancer Centre.

  • Cancer (Mizo)

    Cancer hi natna a ni a, taksa a timur inthlahpun tawp theih loh, than tawp theih loh vanga lo awm a ni. Heng timur te hi timur pangai ang an ni lova, taksa peng dangah; A bul hnai ami leh taksa peng dang hla deuh hlekah te pawh an va bet kai thei a.

  • Hospital a thisen inpekna kalpui dan leh a hmanrua te

    Mizoram State Cancer Institute (MSCI) Hospital ah hian damlo ten awlsam zawka thisen an dawn theihnan kum 2012 ah Blood Storage Centre din ani a. He centre hi Medical Officer pakhat leh Technician pakhatin an enkawl mek ani.

  • Palliative Care (Mizo)

    Mizoram Palliative Care hi Mizoram State Cancer Institute-a peng pakhat ani a, Palliative Care chu cancer enkawlna a peng pawimawh tak pakhat ani a.


    Mipui nawlpui chuan Cancer natna hi kan hre fur in a rinawm, chutih laiin a enkawl dan hi kan hriat tel a pawimawh ang. Cancer hi natna chikhat, hmuhchhuah hma a; enkawlna dik pek chuan dam thei a ni. Cancer enkawlna hi hlawm lian pui pui pathumah a then theih ang, chung te chu: Surgery