The Blood Storage Centre was established in 2012 at the Mizoram State Cancer Institute (MSCI) Hospital, due to increasing demands for emergancy Blood Transfusion. It run and managed by Medical Officer (MO) and a Technician. The MO is the charge of the overall working of the centre while the Technician undertakes the procedures of Storage, Blood Grouping, cross Matching, Screening and Issue of Blood.

Whole Blood and its components are procured fromits mother Blood Bank i.e. the Model Blood Bank, Civil Hospital, Aizawl. The Blood Bags are put in a cold box and transported by vehicle (the Cold Box is an insulated carrier box with ice paks for ,aintaining cold chain durimg transportation). The Blood is stored in the Blood BAnk Refrigerator (which is maintained between 3-5 dgree C with continuous power supply) for use whatever required.

Proper records are maintained in separate registers pertaining to procurement, issue of blood, number blood grouping and cross matching carried out. Unused blood bags are returned to the mother blood bank 10 (ten) days before expiry and fresh blood is obtained in its place. About 10 to 15 units are procured 3 to 4 times every month.

Blood issue vouchers and cash receipts are properly filled and recorde as each unit of blood costs rs . 550/- (Rupees five hundred fifty) although patients availing RSBY and Health Schemes are exempted. Pre transfusion check list (patient’s identity, grouping and cross matching, compatibility etc.) is done and transfusion reactions if any are managed.

Blood Cell Separator was installed on 22nd April 2013 and SDP transfusion was initiated on the next day. This machine is used for the collection of doner’s blood components (such as platelet or plasma) as while as for the treatment of curtain medical conditions in which apart of the blood that contains disease-provoking elements is removed. Here, it is mainky used for platelets collection for a single doner. This procedure is called platelet apherasis and the platelets collected is called single doner platelets because they are collected from a single doner with an automated cell separator. This single doner platelet can be repeated once in a week upto 24 times a year. SDP has several advantages over random doner platelet concentrate and it is the equivalent of 6-8 random donor platelet concentrate. Platelet incubator is used for the storage of SDP if needed. Screening test is carried out for SDP transfusion.

These are the following equipments/instruments available in the Blood Storage Centre: Blood Bank Refrigerator, Blood Cell Separator, Platelet Agitator/Incubator, Water Bath (Serological), Cold Box, DSP Online UPS, Microscope (2 Nos), Centrifuge, Haematocrit Tube with sand, Thermometer, Sphygmomanometer, Weighting Scale, Needle Banner and Syringe Destroyer.

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